Privacy Policy

The privacy of clients is the utmost priority at Dhruv Academy. In this direction, we come up with a privacy policy in which the information related to you is collected and recorded by Dhruv Academy for future purposes. The information is related to addressing, names, date of birth, payment details, and other information. We don’t share your personal details with third-party sites. Here we want you to know that our Privacy Policy is not responsible for any activities performed by you after leaving our website.

The information collected by Dhruv Academy is

Information provided by users.

In this, when the users register on the website to check the services, we usually ask them to provide general contact information like age, name, address, pin code, and others. This information is further used to interact with you in the future to provide amazing deals. 

Automatically collected information

Sometimes, we use different cookies or some other electronic tools to collect the information in when the users use different applications. By using the User Identification, we try to understand your interest unless you voluntarily provide the information. The cookies we used are unable to read the data. Best Cricket Academy in Aliganj

Another way of collecting information is taking it from your computer’s connection to your mobile number and internet along with the IP address from which you are running your internet. Actually, we automatically start getting the information directly from your browser. Moreover, our team also uses GIFs for tracking the usage patterns online of our clients. We constantly use GIFs in HTML based emails sent to our clients.

Third party sites links

Many times, the applications have links that connect you to other websites, or applications have their own privacy policy. On leaving our servers, your information will be governed by the privacy policy of that operator and these policies can be different from ours. The third party companies usually use information like your email id and telephone number to contact you in the future for providing their services. 

Information used by Dhruv Academy

We use the provided information for improving the services and offer you world-class services. We ensure you that whatever information provided by you is just for services and hence protected by us. Email addresses are also used by us for mailing marketing as well as commercial messages without your assent. 

In case, you are unable to or don’t want to share your personal information, then we are unable to provide you with a certain kind of information. We will not be responsible for any kind of denial in providing services. From time to time, we contact our clients for regular updates and provide services as per your interest. Best Cricket Academy in Aliganj

Sharing the information

The firm suggests sharing the clients’ information with the employees so that they get complete information about the clients. Likewise, we also ensure that all the recipients getting the information use it in the right manner based on the instructions of security measures. 

We use the information also to check the activities you are doing on our websites or applications. The users have an access to set their privacy settings and decide whether they want to share the information or not. 

Securing your personal information                                                                       

Whenever we collect your personal information and process it, we make sure of your security. We protect your information from any kind of breaching, copying, modification, or disclosure. 

How long your personal information will remain with us?

The information of clients remains with us as long as we require it. The time period generally depends on what kind of information we are using as per privacy policy. Taking an example, if you are sharing your information for creating an account, we will use it till your account is active. Once you stop using it, we will automatically delete your data from our system. Best Cricket Academy in Aliganj

Using the cookies

The website of Dhruv Academy may have cookies that pop up on your computer. Our intention of using cookies is to improve the overall user experience and also the range of products. Therefore, we carefully select the cookies and make sure that your information is completely protected. Whichever cookies we use are according to the law. Before placing these cookies on your system, you will get a request to take your consent for setting them. After getting your consent, you will start enjoying the smooth and better experience of surfing our websites. 

Updating your personal information 

On using our service sites, our team makes all efforts to offer you access to your personal information. By getting access, you can easily modify the information about you if posted wrongly by us. We constantly ask the users to check their information on getting a request for access so that changes can be done easily. This service is free of cost to expect if extra effort is required. It is so because, in case you delete the information, we have to check the whole residual copies and it takes time. 

Making changes or updates

As technology is evolving, we also alter our privacy policy likewise from time to time. Whenever the changes are made, they will be effective on immediate terms. The users are suggested to check the privacy policy regularly. And, also we will send you an email about any changes. 

Where you can complain?

If you have any complaints regarding your personal data, services, or privacy policy; you can write to us via our email or call us on our number. At Dhruv Academy, we work to meet high standards, therefore change the policies as required. Hence, it is advisable to check the policy page frequently to check the latest version.